G3BPK – Wigan & Douglas Valley A.R.S

Wigan & Douglas Valley Radio Society aims to help people in Wigan Douglas Valley (and beyond) discover what amateur radio has to offer, and to support the various local amateurs and groups.

We are a small but active group of friendly radio amateurs who are affiliated with the RSGB and the Northern Amateur Radio Societies Association.

We participate in several specialist events each year, including the 144MHz Backpacker Series of Contests.

We want to see amateur radio grow, through the promotion of the hobby, explaining Amateur Radio, raising awareness, and encouraging people of all ages and abilities to get involved. Through supporting and offering help and advice to new radio and seasoned amateurs alike.

We are dedicated to supporting Amateur Radio in Wigan, the surrounding Douglas Valley and beyond. On our website, you’ll find information on how to get started, what the hobby has to offer, news on local rallies or field events and help with amateur radio training.

  • A friendly Amateur Radio Society.
  • Weekly On Air Nets.
  • Weekly Club Meeting.
  • Contests.